A collaboration tool for internal and external communication, for team oriented organizations, with features like:

  • team1 Group oriented posting with commenting, mentioning and of course the almighty like-button.
  • team3 Read embedded emails inside the posts, discuss and unite internally before sending emails externally.
  • team2 Create custom request-approval forms to make decisions fast and clear. Export the history to excel.


  • bulb

    Transparency and Creativity

    Having group conversations on Teamity brings the transparency your organization need to share information and ignite new ideas.

  • group

    Unity and Cooperation

    Induce unity and cooperation with the ability to discuss internally on emails, and having a fast and tracable decision process.

  • lock

    Privacy and Control

    Control who can join your site, design your channel structure. Your data is stored in a separate database schema and all connections are in HTTPS.

About us

Teamity is a global product of Jiransoft Inc, and its mission is to help companies to unite, organize and move forward as one, no matter how far team members are located physically.

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